Architectural exhibit displays innovative use of Norwegian industrial buildings

The exhibit “Transform 06” shows a different approach to recycling in Norway. Old industrial buildings are no longer left empty to decompose, but are instead filled with new life and activitiy.

17/02/2006 :: "Transform 06” not only shows the process of rebuilding empty factory buildings, but is itself situated in one. The building on Hausmanns gate 16 in Oslo is one of several prominent examples of how one can reuse old industrial facilities for new purposes. One of the organizers, Norwegian Design Council (NDC) has its headquarters there, and through the exhibit they illustrate a new trend in both Norwegian and international architecture.

Minister of the Environment Helen Bjørnøy says “H16”, which the building is called for short, represents a positive trend by utilizing old buildings for a plethora of activites and purposes. Industrial buildings actually represent an architectural style and social era that is about to disappear in Norway.

"There are few industrial workplaces left in Norway. It is therefore increasingly important to take care of and maintain these beautiful, old buildings that house our history from a not so distant past when Norway underwent its industrial bloom. We will make sure that they are maintained and utilized in different ways to benefit both today’s and future generations," said Bjørnøy during the opening of the exhibit 1 February.

“Transform 06” focuses on the rebuilding process of Hausmanns gate 16 with references to national and international examples. In Norway, there are several examples of reusing industrial buildings, and the theatres Union Scene in Drammen and Tou Scene in Stavanger are both located in old factory buildings.




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The exhibit opened on 1 February and will remain open until the end of the month.Photo: Filmpro

The building used to house a factory, but today it's full of new life. The old facade depicts a fading era in Norway's industrial tranformation.Photo: Filmpro