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Getting married in Scotland and Northern ireland

Scottish and Nortern Irish laws do not require the couple to have stayed in the country any length of time prior to the marriage. For arranging a wedding in Scotland or Nortern Ireland please find information via the links on the right.

The Consulate General in Edinburgh does not have the authority to solemnise marriages.
The Norwegian Church and Seamen's Mission in London and the student chaplain may solemnise marriages according to the law of the United Kingdom.
Documentation needed prior to the contracting of a marriage abroad varies from place to place, and you are advised to contact your local Registry Office. Some Registrars may request a letter of no impediment ("ekteskapsattest"), which confirms that there is nothing to prevent you from contracting marriage.
In order to obtain a Letter of no Impediment, a Norwegian subject must submit a passport together with a sponsor's declaration (to be made separately by one sponsor for each of the two parties) and a personal declaration (bridal declaration – "forlovererklæring") duly filled in and signed. If you have been married before, a decree absolute must also be submitted.
A Certificate of no Impediment ("ekteskapsattest") can be obtained from Barne-, ungdoms- og familieforvaltningen in Norway, or


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