Supporting documents for family members of EU or EEA nationals

Spouses, descendants and dependent ascendants of EU or EEA nationals must submit a number of supporting documents. Please note that the Consulate General cannot start processing the application before all documents have been received.

  1. Your passport or travel document
    Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 3 months beyond your intended stay in Norway and that the passport has a blank page for a visa sticker.

  2. One recent colour passport size photograph
    The photos must be less than 6 months old, have a light background and be of good quality (must be taken in a photo booth or by a professional photographer). For more information, please click here (please do NOT use paperclips or staples to attach the photos to the application form).

  3. Original (or certified true copy) -

    Marriage Certificate -If you are married to an EU or EEA citizen
    Birth Certificate (stating both parents' names) - If one or both of your parents are EU of EEA citizens
    The Birth Certificate of the son / daughter you depend on (stating both parents' names) - If you are a dependent ascendant of an EU or an EEA citizen

  4. The EU / EEA national's original (or certified true copy) passport

  5. Visa application fee - In order to avoid abuse of the Visa Portal, all applicants must pay the appropriate fee (as stated above) when registering the application. However, when the Consulate General receives the above mentioned documents proving the relationship to the EU / EEA national (spouses, descendants and dependent ascendants), the fee will be refunded immediately.

It is not necessary to submit any other documents, although the Consulate General strongly recommends that you always travel with a valid health / travel insurance.


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