Compensation for diving on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 1965-1990

Extension of application deadline when special circumstances may be provided.

18/10/2007 :: A white paper on diving was passed by the Norwegian Parliament on 9 March 2004. The Norwegian government’s wish to acknowledge the divers, who worked on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, in the early days of the petroleum industry, resulted in a solution of offering individual compensations to certain divers.

Those who worked and were injured in work related-accidents on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in the period 1965-1990, are included in the new scheme. The total compensation can amount to a maximum payment of approximately 2, 5 million NOK. Only current members and previous members during the above-mentioned period of the Norwegian social security system are eligible to apply for compensation.

The Norwegian government has appointed a committee to administrate these individual compensations. The committee is chaired by Judge Stein Husby at Kongsberg tingrett.

The application deadline expired on 1 July 2006. However, extension may be granted if the failure to apply is not intentional or if special grounds are provided to the committee. The committee is expected to finalize its work at spring 2008. Hence, this will be the final deadline to include late applications in the consideration.

Information concerning the compensation scheme was accordingly announced in 2004. Questions regarding the compensation and/or application forms for written applications should be directed to Dykkerkontakten at Nedre Slottsgate 4, N-0157 OSLO. Email:

Moreover, inquiries can be directed to Judge Stein Husby at Kongsberg tingrett at P.O. Box 454, N-3604 Kongsberg. Email:

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Norwegian oil platform.Photo: Statoil

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