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Ledig Vikariat ved generalkonsulatet

Det er et ledig deltids-vikariat med ansvar for utlendingsfeltet (visum, arbeids- og oppholdstillatelser) ved det norske generalkonsulatet i Edinburgh fra 1. mars 2008 – 1. oktober 2008. [+] Read more
News and Events in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Camilla Løw - Solo Exhibition to be held at the DCA

The DCA is proud to present the first major solo exhibition in the UK of CamillaLøw. Newly commissioned work created specifically for the DCA galleries is shown together with recent sculpture made over the last three years. [+] Read more
News and Events in Scotland and Northern Ireland

European capital of culture 2008

Stavanger is this year’s European Capital of Culture together with Liverpool. The Norwegian oil city kicks off the cultural festival in an opening ceremony with local and international artists on 12 January. [+] Read more
News and Events in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Stavanger 2008-North Sea Project

Stavanger is this years European Capital of Culture. In the course of 2008 there will be collaborations and exchanges between theatre companies, musicians, poets, writers, storytellers, and visual artists from Norway, Scotland and Northumbria. [+] Read more
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