Pictures from the Yulebord

The Consulate General's annual Christmas Dinner and Dance (Yulebord) took place at the George Hotel in Edinburgh on Friday 25th November.

Deputy Lord Provost Steve Cardownie and Vice Convener Tom-Christer Nilsen.

Consul General Arne Sivertsen and Alan Anderson.

Consul Bjørn Eilertsen.

Deputy Lord Provost Steve Cardownie.

Vice Convener Tom-Christer Nilsen.

Toastmaster Kirsti Dinnis.

Jostein Handal (Seamen's Church) and Sue Keane.

Chef Klaus Knust, Assistant Chefs and Tenor Robert Juvik.

Michael Shea and Nataliya Cardownie.

Vice Convener Tom-Christer Nilsen and Mona Shea.

Tartan Designer David McGill and Toastmaster Kirsti Dinnis.

Mona Shea and Arne Kruse.

Sue Keane and Michael Shea.

Consul Bjørn Eilertsen, Bente Jørgensen and Student President Hannes Abild.

Ian, Margot and Geoff Mitchell.

Mrs Nataliya and Deputy Lord Provost Steve Cardownie.

Dinner is served!

Svein Schrøder-Amundsen, Jorid McQuillan and Eric von Ibler.

Soprano Veslemøy Fluge Berg and friends.

Members of the Norwegian Scottish Association.


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