Wunderkammer gig in Glasgow

 Type:Culture, Music
 Location:Scotland, Glasgow

'Wunderkammer' was formed five years ago in Stavanger. Strong personalities from widely different musical fields gathered with the intention of creating an orchestra that would mix genres and unite different styles of popular music. The band mixes Anglo-American rock and pop with the distinct European styles of klezmer and gypsy music. The musicians have backgrounds in contemporary, classical, brass, and jazz music.

Their debut album was released in 1999 and received excellent reviews in a large number of Norwegian newspapers. The band has become a firm favourite on the live circuit with a sound described as Roddy Frame meets Gotan Project. The band's frontman Pål Jackman brings this unique sound to Scotland, accompanied by his guitar and a pair of clogs.

Friday 28th October, 4.30pm - Avalanche Records, 34 Dundas Street (Tel: 0141 332 2099)

Friday 28th October, 9pm - The Universal, 57 Sauciehall Lane (Tel: 0141 332 8899)

For more information, please click here or call 0047 40 85 34 47.




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Pål JackmanPhoto: Courtesy of Kaare Saatvedt

WunderkammerPhoto: Courtesy of Kaare Saatvedt