Scottish War Veterans receive Norwegian Medals of Honour

Veterans Richard Cameron, John Baker, Martin Carroll and Donald Edwards were given the Medal of Honour by Mr Jørgen Kosmo, President of the Norwegian Storting (the Norwegian Parliament) at a Ceremony at Redford Cavalry Barracks yesterday.

16/01/2006 :: The four Veterans were among the 600 crew at HMS Glasgow who risked everything to dock in the Northern town of Molde in Norway and rescue (the Norwegian) King Haakon and his son, Crown Prince Olav who were hiding in a nearby forest in April 1940. 

Many members of the Norwegian Government were also on board the ship and along with the King and the Crown Prince, they were taken to safety in Tromsø thanks to the bravery of the Scottish sailors. The Ship also carried the entire stock of gold from the Norwegian Central Bank.

The HMS Glasgow was under heavy fire from the Germans during the rescue mission and only 23 crew members survived.

Decoration Cermonies have already been held in Norway (Molde) and London, but Mr Cameron, Mr Baker, Mr Carroll and Mr Edwards were unable to attend.

During his visit, Mr Kosmo met with Presiding Officer George Reid at the Scottish Parliament and was the Guest of Honour at the latest performance of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on Saturday 20th August where he also took the Salute. On the occasion of the centenary of the peaceful dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden, performers played the Norwegian National Anthem.

President of the Storting, Mr Jørgen Kosmo

Veterans Richard Cameron, John Baker, Martin Carroll and Donald Edwards

Mr Kosmo decorates the veterans


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