'Through Hell and High Water' - Full house in Edinburgh

Tickets were sold out when the multi award winning film 'Through Hell and High Water' was screened in Edinburgh last night.

The documentary features a lovestory between a Norwegian woman and a Scottish man who met during the Second World War. The film and its producer were praised by the audience with a long applause after the film.

Producer Elly Taylor, the Filmhouse and the Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh held a pre-screening reception at the Filmhouse for 120 invited guests, during which a considerable amount of money was raised for 'Erskine'.

Short speaches were held by Elly Taylor, Consul Grethe Knudsen and Chief Executive of Erskine; Colonel Martin Gibson.

Elly Taylor and Consul Grethe Knudsen flanked by two Scottish Pipers outside the Filmhouse.

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Elly Taylor