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Bittersweet stories from Norwegian kitchens

Norwegian film Kitchen Stories to CCA, Glasgow and Filmhouse, Edinburgh. A stylish and warm comedy, directed by Bent Hamer.

23/04/2004 :: Somewhere between the Finnish film director Aki Kaurismaki and the Coen brother’s film Fargo, Kitchen Stories(Salmer fra kjøkkenet), the cult hit of last year’s Cannes and London Film Festivals, is a stylish and warm comedy.
In 1950s Norway a mass-observation project led by Swedish scientists was underway. After thoroughly mapping the Swedish housewife’s behaviour in the kitchen, scientists at the Home Research Institute in Sweden felt ready to venture beyond their own geographic and gender-based limitations.
They send 18 observers to the rural district of Landstad, Norway, with its surplus of bachelors, to study the kitchen routines of single men. In order to be on 24-hour call, the observers lived an isolated existence in egg-shaped campers outside each subject’s house.
Mild-mannered researcher Folke is dealt the challenge of studying the habits of the reticent Isak. Against the odds and the rules of the study, the two men gradually form a close friendship that allows them to break out of their respective roles. Beautiful cinematography and a lugubrious score compliment hilariously understated performances and wash the action in a glorious retro sheen.

CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts), Glasgow
Friday 23rd April 6.15 pm.
Tuesday 27th April 6.15 pm. and 8.00 pm.
Wednesday 28th April 6.15 pm.
Box office 0141 352 4900

Filmhouse, Edinburgh
Friday 14th May 3.00 pm. And 9.00 pm.
Saturday 15th May 6.30 pm.
Sunday 16th May 9.00 pm.
Box office 0131 228 2688


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Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories

Director Bent Hamer