Rugby World Cup 2007

After a devestating defeat against Andorra, the Norwegian National Rugby Team will get help from Scotland for the next match.

21/09/2004 :: The 2007 Rugby  World Cup kicked off on Saturday 4th September in Andorra at the MICG ground in the Pyrenees. The opening game between Andorra and Norway ended in a devestating defeat (76-3) for Norway.

The teams will meet again in Bergen on Saturday 18th September and the Norwegian side hopes that with the help of their star players, Andrew and Craig Olsen, they will be able to revenge their distressing result in Andorra.

Andrew and Craig are South African nationals, but are eligible to play for Norway as the have a Norwegian grandparent. Unfortunately, the brothers were unable to play in Andorra due to commitments to their Scottish clubs. Andrew and Craig are based in Edinburgh and play for Heriots and Edinburgh Academicals respectively.

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The Norwegian National TeamPhoto: Courtesy of the Norwegian Rugby Union