Norwegian participation at the Pipefest 2005

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 Location:Scotland, Edinburgh

On the 21st August, 400 Pipe Bands from 28 countries will meet in Edinburgh for 'Pipefest 2005'. For the first time in the Pipefest's 10 year's history, Norway will be represented, by the Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band.

The Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band is a Traditional Scottish Pipes and Drums Band, located in Oslo, the Capital of Norway. It is the only Pipe Band in Norway.

The Band was formed in 1994,  when four Bagpipe enthusiasts and friends, Stig Ulvad, Peter MacAlister-Hall, Don Hunter and Åge Jonny Jørgensen got together to plan a future Pipe Band in Oslo.  The first practice took place a short while later in Rodeløkka.  From this small beginning, the Band has grown to its present size of 30 members.
From the autumn of 1995 until January 1997 the Band was known as the MacLeod Pipes and Drums of Norway.
When the Band was taken over by its Present Day Pipe Major, PM Robert J Robertson, it was decided to change the name to the "Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band", to signify that the band is based in Oslo, Norway and the Caledonian title (Being what the Romans called what is today Scotland) signifies its Scottish Roots.  Robert is a former Member of the Boghall & Bathgate Caledonian Pipe Band based in the Lothians and Borders District of Scotland.

The Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band will take part in this year's Pipefest in Scotland and play alongside hundreds of pipers from around the world.

The players will form up in to 120 separate blocks on the roads within the park, to the south of the roundabout adjacent to Pollock Halls and the Commonwealth Pool. The step off point for the parade will be the roundabout on Queens Drive.

They will be set off at one minute intervals along Queens Drive heading north along the Galloping Glen, with the first block stepping off at 2.00pm. Each block will march eight abreast and consist of between 100 and 150 participants. It will take any single block 27 minutes to reach the Finale point adjacent to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The bands would be in place by 4.27pm at which time there will be a salute to the chieftain from the combined massed bands. The salute will be taken from the stage. The  Pipefest will conclude with a party at Meadowbank Stadium.

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Oslo Caledonian Pipe BandPhoto: Courtesy of OCPB

PM Robert J. RobertsonPhoto: Courtesy of OCPB