Norwegian gift presented to the Presiding Officer

The Vice-President of the Norwegian Storting yesterday presented the Tapestry, gifted to the Scottish Parliament by the Norwegian Storting, to Presiding Officer George Reid.

26/10/2004 :: In connection with the opening of the new Parliament building, the Storting (the Norwegian Parliament) donated a Tapestry by Norwegian artist Marianne Magnus.

The Vice-President of the Storting, Dr Inge Lønning, yesterday presented the gift to Presiding Officer George Reid.

Dr Lønning was in Scotland to attend the celebrations in connection with the opening of the new Parliament building on Saturday 9th October and to officially present the Norwegian gift.

Dr Lønning was one of the Presiding Officer's foreign guests and attended a number of events during the weekend.

Mrs Magnus' inspiration was from her own garden where she grows dark, red roses. She wanted the roses to float over a weave to create volume and a three-dimentional form of the roses.

The Tapestry is called 'Nightroses' (240 x 220 cm in size) and was installed in the new Parliament building last month.

The material used is wool from the Norwegian sheep breed 'Spelsau'. At a distance, this gives an illusion of the tapestry being glossy, almost metallic. 'Spelsau' wool has long glossy fibres, which, when they are spun, gets a shiny character.

To view a photograph of the Tapestry in the Parliament, click here.

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Presiding officer George Reid and Vice-President Inge lønning in front of the tapestry gifted by the Norwegian Storting.Photo: Ian Forman

Dr and Mrs Inge Lønning and Consul General Arne Sivertsen in front of the Tapestry.Photo: Ian Forman

"Nightroses" by Marianne MagnusPhoto: Robert Breen, Art in Partnership