Northern Streams - From The Forth To The Fjords

 Date:08/04/2005 - 09/04/2005
 Type:Culture, Traditional Music
 Location:Scotland, Edinburgh

Encouraged by last year’s success, Northern Streams is keeping the exciting blend of local and high profile international acts and this year the event has been expanded to two days. Don’t miss the atmospheric opening church concert in the historical Canongate Kirk on the Royal Mile and take part in the Open Stage afterwards in the intimate Counting House. Come back and join the workshops the next day and then prepare yourself to be blown away by the amazing Swedish supergroup Ranarim at the Evening Concert on Saturday night.

M/S Marmæl consists of three brilliant musicians from northern Norway, Sigrid Randers-Pehrson (vocals), Skjalg Bjørstad (accordion/guitar) and Leif Egil Andreassen (fiddle). The trio is fronted by Sigrid who recently graduated from the Folk Music Academy in Telemark and Voss, working closely with master-singer Sondre Bratland. Skjalg and Leif Egil are both steeped in the fiddle and accordion tradition and beyond. Skjalg has also been awarded champion dancer of Norwegian folk dance three years in a row. They will be performing sacred and secular treasures from the rich North-Norwegian coastal tradition including a reel or two, left behind by trading sailors once upon a time… A rare treat.

Northern Streams is also delighted to have Bruvoll / Halvorsen back this evening, the Norwegian duo who took part last year combining a magnificent blend of song and guitar and Fribo, an Edinburgh based trio, including the talented Scottish fiddler Sarah-Jane Fifield, Ewan MacPherson (Liverpool) and Anne-Sofie Linge Valdal from Norway. Fribo’s repertoire is loosely based around traditional song from the west coast of Norway.

Time: Friday 8th April, 7pm
Place: Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh
Tickets: £8 / £6 (concession and TMSA members), (Weekend Ticket: £20 / £15)
More information: Please call 07792 620359 or email

Join in our Open Stage, if you are a singer or musician this is your chance to show off your talents and if you want to come and listen, you might also find there will plenty of chances to take the floor with a Scottish jig or a Swedish polska! There will also be a chance to join in the session later on.
Call 0131 313 2555 to book your space at the Open Stage.

Time: 8th April, 10pm
Place: Counting House, Edinburgh
Tickets: Open Stage: £4/£2  (free entry with ticket from Church Concert), (Weekend Ticket: £20 / £15)
More information: Please call 07792 620359 or email

  (+ Support)
RANARIM play Swedish folk music in a new tradition and perform all over the world. Songs and tunes found after careful searching are blended with new music in their own arrangements. The group consists of musicians from all across Sweden: Ulrika Bodén (vocals), Sofia Sandén (vocals), Niklas Roawall (world champion on keyed fiddle), Jens Engelbrecht (guitar, mandola), Anders Larsson (Double bass ) and Sebastian Notini (percussion).
Rana means tapestry in Swedish and rim is an old word for dew. With dynamic energy and contagious musical joy, Ranarim weaves its own colourful tapestry. Join this young and energetic group in a performance of enchanted drama, excitement, love and magic through music that thrives in our time, yet having been passed on for generations, music that looks to the future, connects the past to the present and passes over borders connecting people and places. “They’ve been called the ABBA of folk music…I would like to add an acoustic Hedningarna in Swedish.” Värnamo Nyheter
For more info see

Time: Saturday, 9th April, 7.30pm
Place: Counting House, Edinburgh 
Tickets: Evening Concert: £9 / £7 (Weekend Ticket: £20 / £15)
Support: Fine Friday, a young and talented Scottish folk music group based in Edinburgh.
More information: Please call 07792 620359 or email

Norwegian song, Swedish song and Norwegian dance. Book early to secure places.

Time: Saturday 9th April, 12.30pm - 4pm  (1.5 hours per workshop)
Place: Counting House, Edinburgh
Tickets: £6 / £5 (Weekend Ticket: £20 / £15)
More information: Please call 07792 620359 or email

Organised by TMSA Edinburgh & Lothians Branch and Edinburgh University Folk Society.

Sponsored by the Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh, the Swedish Consulate General in Edinburgh, IKEA Edinburgh, The City of Edinburgh Council (via Ceilidh Culture) TMSA Edinburgh & Lothians Branch, DFDS, Norsk Folkemusikkformidling and Awards for All.

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M/S Marmæl Photo: Courtesy of Northern Streams

RanarimPhoto: Courtesy of Northern Streams