Scottish star at the Northern Lights Festival

The Northern Lights Festival is an annual event taking place in February in Tromsø when the sun reappears for the first time since November. The Festival offers music of high artistic quality and genres such as contemporary, symphonic, sacred, choral, chamber orchestra, song recitals, musical theatre, ethnic folk, experimental jazz and multimedia.

The Festival in 2004 was a success. The demand for tickets was great and the festival experienced a new visitor’s record. Some concerts were sold out mid-December and extra concerts with these artists were set up.

The Northern Lights Festival 2005 theme - is "Rhythms". The theme will be covered by the use of internationally acknowledged artists, as well as musicians from the region. This year, the festival has chosen a specific festival artist, the Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie OBE. She will participate in a variety of activities during the festival and among other things, perform the World Premiere of the Scottish-based composer Sally Beamish's new concert written for Evelyn Glennie called "Trance o Nicht". The composer will also be present on this occasion.

For additional information about offers and programmes contact:

Managing Director
Ulf Jensen
Telephone: (+ 47) 77 68 90 70
Fax: (+ 47) 77 68 93 01

Artistic Director
Bjarte Engeset


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Evelyn Glennie OBEPhoto: Picture: Credit: Mark Harrison, Good Housekeeping