Promotion of Nils Olav - The Penguin

 Location:Scotland, Edinburgh

16/01/2006 :: When the King's Guard appeared at the Military Tattoo back in 1961, members of the Guard were taken with the King Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. This relationship was formalised in 1972 when the Guard adopted a penguin, named him 'Nils Olav' and bestowed the honorary rank of Lance Corporal on him.

On each subsequent visit to Edinburgh, the Guard has promoted the much-decorated penguin. On 17th August, Nils Olav will be promoted again, but his new rank remains a closely guarded secret.

A 4ft-high bronze statue of Nils Olav, created for the King of Norway, will also be unveiled at the ceremony and a brass band will serenade the city’s most military penguin. The ceremony also marks the centenary celebrations of Norwegian independence, during which a number of activities have been organized in Edinburgh.

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Nils Olav and the King's Guard

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