Magnus Bjerk exhibiting in Edinburgh

 Date:15/10/2005 - 22/12/2005
 Type:Culture, Photography
 Location:Scotland, Edinburgh

Magnus Bjerk is an emerging photographer who recently graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2004. His work explores the relationship between his subjects and their surroundings and the tension between movement and stillness. 

The individuals in his work can be seen as challengers of their environs, confronting the limitations of gravity, of the strict graphic compositions and of their static surroundings. However, rather than creating a narrative that concludes in a specific result, Magnus is more interested in evoking the ambiguity of the atmosphere and in challenging the perception of photography as a medium  documenting reality.

Magnus was commissioned to create 3 new series for the inaugural exhibition at Blomqvist Kunsthandel, Oslo, Norway in September 2005. He was selected along with one other artist to open this new gallery project in Norway's oldest established auction house.

He has previously exhibited at Galleri ØKS, Fredrikstad, Norway, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway; the Andrew Grant Gallery, Edinburgh, and Sogndal Kulturhus, Norway.  In addition, he was one of 25 Scottish art graduates selected to exhibit in 'The Brave Art Project' at The Atrium Gallery, Whiteley's in London in September 2004.

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tel: 0047 9511 0453

Project statement - In Between' 3

"In Between' 3 consist of a staged model in a surreal environment containing a straight, man made horizon. I am interested in the tension between my subjects and their surroundings and the relationship between movement and stillness. The people in my series can be seen as challengers of their environs, of gravity of the strict graphic compositions and of their constant surroundings. 'In Between' contains a longing for a state of 'lightness', away from obstacles and the forces of gravity. I have thus experimented with landscapes as mirrors of mental states that are dominated by one single colour, more or less long exposures and to some extent optical manipulation.  A part of my work is based on intuition. At the same time I have a clear vision of the general visual motif that I want to create. This allows me to create personal responses to the landscape that I photograph. Rather than creating a narrative that concludes in a specific result, I simply want to evoke an atmosphere. I value beauty in itself but I am more interested in a beauty containing an ambiguity that lets the viewer question the context of the image. Photography today is still considered to be a truthful medium for documenting reality. I therefore find it exciting to challenge this perception of photography".

Technical: Hand printed C-type, laminated and mounted on PVC. (i.e: there is no digital manipulation used)

In Memory of

Jon Andreas Bjerk
Johnny Aleksander 'Spencer' Torp

One of Magnus' pictures is currently being exhibited at the Amber Room, 75/79 Cumberland Street, Edinburgh.



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