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Kitchen Stories screening in Edinburgh

A special story about the friendship between two aging men, Kitchen Stories is packaged as a comedy with a very strange premise. It is based on a 1950s research project in Sweden when women were observed in the kitchen for a study to determine the best housework techniques.

21/12/2003 :: For the pleasure of film enthusiasts in Scotland, Kitchen Stories arrives on 2 January 2004. With this film, the Norwegian writer-director Bent Hamer has created a dull and pleasing comedy using excellent photography, interesting colors, and great performances to make a success of a uncomplicated plot

In the film, a fictional plotline concerns a team of Swedish scientists--all men--hired to observe bachelors living alone in Norway. Their methods are absurd. The observers live in funny little trailers outside their subjects' houses. They sit in high, intimidating chairs placed in the corner of their subjects' kitchens, from which they take notes on a clipboard. Finally, there is a strict rule that the observer and the subject must not speak to each other or make contact of any kind. This last rule is impossible to follow, and in the case of observer Folke (Thomas Norstrøm) and subject Isak (Joachim Calmeyer) it is ignored. The two aging men become fast friends, passing wintry afternoons in the rural countryside sipping coffee, smoking pipes, and telling each other fantastic stories. Part satire on social control and part humorous fable about friendship, Kitchen Stories also offers a distinctly absurdist vision of the aesthetics and ideologies of the time.

Kitchen Stories has won several awards;
Official Norwegian Oscar Entry
Cannes Film Festival - Director's forthnight
Winner of the FIPRESCI prize 2003

...and hearts...
"Hamer is a master at deadpan in the conflict between humanity and science, Kitchen Stories has done so with touching comedic intuition" Entertainment Insiders
"Kitchen Stories is why great festivals matter" The Times
"Wonderously bizarre" The Guardian
"Quirky, deadpan and surprisingly touching comedy" View London
"Plenty of subtle pleasures" Variety
"Marvellous...wonderfully warm-hearted...pitch perfect" Time Out

Dates for screening in Scotland:

2-15 January at UGC Cinema, Edinburgh
Box office 08709 020417

16-29 January at UGC Cinema, Glasgow
Box office 08709 020417

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Director Bent Hamer

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories