Knut Hamsun Season in Edinburgh

 Date:23/07/2005 - 08/08/2005
 Type:Culture, Film
 Location:Scotland, Edinburgh

The Hamsun Foundation presents a short season of four films inspired by the novels of the influential Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun.

Hamsun was born in northern Norway in 1859. His first successful novel was 'Hunger' (1890). He rejected the social preoccupations of contemporary fiction and criticised its lack of understanding of the unconscious life of the mind. His next novel, 'Mysteries', was intended as a demonstration of what the new literature should be. He has influenced many authors including Henry Miller, Hemingway, Camus and James Joyce. Hamsun died in 1952.
Hunger: A Knut Hamsun Season Ticket Deal
See all four films in this season for £12/£8 concession.

Growth of the Soil (Markens grøde) - Sat 23 Jul only

Gunnar Sommerfeldt | Norway 1921 | 1h50m | 35mm | SILENT with live musical accompaniment | PG
Cast: Amund Rydland, Karen Thalbitzer, Ragna Wettergreen, Gunnar Sommerfeldt.

An extraordinary film set in the Norwegian wilderness with breathtaking scenes of beauty. It is the story of Isak, 'a worker on the land without respite'. The film begins with him wandering alone in the mountains and forests. He discovers a clearing and resolves to build a home and start a new life. When he meets Inger, a woman with a harelip, the two decide to live together. But soon their homestead attracts the interests of the district's other inhabitants, many of them jealous of their successes.

Strong Wills (Hårda viljor) - Sun 24 Jul only

John W Brunius | Sweden 1923 | 1h7m | 35mm | SILENT with live musical accompaniment | PG
Cast: Karin Alexandersson, Solveig Bang, Lila Bye, Linnéa Hillberg.

Rolandsen is a cheerful rogue in a small fishing village, susceptible to sudden whims and passions, especially for the local women. He also has a big plan to manufacture glue from fish waste. Subtitled 'A Comedy of the Northern Districts', Strong Wills follows his plans to outsmart local merchant Mack, before he finds his feckless career seemingly at an end.

Hunger (Sult) - Mon 1 Aug only

Henning Carlsen | Denmark/Norway/Sweden 1966 | 1h51m | 35mm | Norwegian and Swedish with English subtitles | 15
Cast: Per Oscarsson, Gunnel Lindblom, Birgitte Federspiel, Knud Rex.

A struggling author wanders 1890's Christiania (former Oslo) searching for social interaction, employment and most of all, food. As his hunger deepens he falls prey to semi-delirious mutterings and hallucinatory experiences. Existentialism is mixed with detailed human observation and an authentic representation of the city in this brilliant 1966 Scandinavian collaboration. Per Oscarsson's darkly comic portrayal won the best actor award at Cannes in 1966.

Two Green Feathers (Pan) - Mon 8 Aug only

Henning Carlsen | Norway/Denmark 1995 | 1h55m | 35mm | Norwegian with English subtitles | 12A
Cast: Lasse Kolsrud, Sofie Gråbøl, Bjørn Sundquist, Anneke von der Lippe.

Thomas Glahn lives as a stranger in a small fishing community in the far north of Norway. He inhabits a hut on the forest edge, content in his solitude. One day he meets Edvarda, the daughter of the local trading magnate and they experience a strong mutual attraction and an ecstatic, uncomplicated happiness before their relationship develops into a psychological struggle. Thomas Hardy-esque in tone and shot in the beautiful landscape of Northern Norway by the cinematographer of Babette's Feast, this is a film that lives long in the mind after viewing.

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Knut Hamsun and his wife MariePhoto: A.B. Wilse. Courtesy of Stiftelsen Nørholm.