The new Norwegian government takes office

The King of Norway has appointed Jens Stoltenberg as Prime Minister in an extraordinary session of the Council of State.

18/10/2005 :: Earlier the same day the King received the resignation by former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik’s government.

The new government represents the Labour Party (Ap), the Socialist Left Party (SV) and the Centre Party (Sp). 

The last time Stoltenberg was Prime Minister was in March 2000 until October 2001. The so-called "red-green" government coalition party leaders each took over powerful posts. In addition to Stoltenberg (Ap) holding the Prime Minister post, Kristin Halvorsen of the Socialist Left (SV) was appointed Norway's new finance minister, while Åslaug Haga of the Center Party (Sp), is the new cabinet minister in charge of local governments.

The government consist of ten men and nine women with an average age of 44. Stoltenberg has not introduced major changes in the structure of the ministries.


The new government outside the Royal Palace.
Photo: PdB/Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Prime Minister Jens StoltenbergPhoto: The Labour Party