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Norwegian company Fronter is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the field of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). Their products are already being used in English schools and colleges. Now Fronter hopes to move into Scottish education.

23/08/2004 :: Fronter has developed more than 50 web-based tools and modules that enable individuals to work together regardless of their physical location. Files may be exchanged, discussions held, individually tailored news may be provided, e-mails may be sent, and individual and common calendars may be established. All of this may be done on a computer connected to the web, without having to install any additional software.

For today’s children digital competence is as important as reading and writing, so having a virtual classroom in addition to the physical one will not faze them.

A strong mix of Scandinavian design, ease of use, collaboration tools and pedagogic influences has resulted in 1,5 million licences now being in use across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and England.

Ongoing product evolution is also important for the Fronter team. Dedicated reference groups in multiple countries, operating at the education coalface, put forward their suggestions to the company - and Fronter's developers are mandated to develop the system.

To find out more about Fronter or to try out their products please follow one of the links to the right.

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Digital competence is as important as reading and writing for today's school children.Photo courtesy of Fronter