Scotland - Norway

 Type:Sport, Football
 Location:Oslo, Norway

After a long year's wait, Scotland is preparing to make up for last year's defeat. The two teams are set to meet in Oslo 7th September.

Scotland and Norway are in the same group as Slovenia, Italy, Belarus and Moldova (Group 5). To see the teams' progress (points), games analysis and upcoming matches, please click here.

Italy is currently on top in Group 5 with 13 points and Moldova is in the bottom with 2 points. Norway presently has 9 points and Scotland has 6.

For information about the Norwegian football team, please see the Norwegian Football Association's website or read about the team on FIFA's web site.

For information about the Scottish Team, see the Scottish Football Association's web site or read about the team on FIFA's web site.

Place: Oslo, Norway
Date: 7th September
Time: 19.00hrs (Local time. 6pm in the UK)


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