Church Plaque unveiled at St Michael's Church, Dumfries

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence unveiled a new Church Plaque on 9 November 2003. The plaque is commemorating the strong links between Norway and Dumfries made during the World War II.

08/07/2004 :: During the Second World War, the Norwegian Exile Government established a training campus i Dumfries. Scotland and Dumfries, became home to both military personnel and civilians, that came across the North Sea. At one point, as many as 1,000 Norwegians could have been settled in the Dumfries area and it's "Norway House". During wartime, both Crown Prince Olav V, Crown Princess Märtha and King Haakon VII visited the small village.

To mark the hospitaliy received in the town, the Norwegians placed a plaque in St Michael's Church to commemorate their stay, which finished in 1945. But decades later, the once so strong link has gradually faded out. 60 years later, St Michael's Church Council came in touch with the Consulate General in Edinburgh to mark the placing of the plaque. At the same time, this was a good opportunity to strenghten the Scottish-Norwegian links which still exist between the two nations.

On Sunday 9 November, the Ministry of Defence represented by General Director Elisabeth Bødtker-Larsen and Director Even Enge, Royal Norwegian Consulate General represented by Grethe Knudsen, Major Ken Cameron and Sir David Landale, the Queen's Deputy Lieutentant was present at the rememberance service at St. Michael's Church.

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Director Even Enge and Consul Grethe Knudsen

Mr. Richard Reade, member of the Church Council, and Director General Elisabeth Bødtker-Larsen

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