Pictures from the Design Exhibition

12/07/2005 :: On Friday night, the Design Exhibition entitled 'Scandinavian Design, Beyond the Myth' was opened at 'the Lighthouse' in Glasgow with over a hundred invited guests from the art and design industry in the UK and the Nordic countries attending. Also present at the Opening was Dr Stuart MacDonald (Director of 'the Lighthouse'), Chief Curator Professor Widar Halén and Mr Boul Bache, Director of the Danish Arts Council.

The exhibition has the following themes: 'Lightness', 'Quickness', 'Exactitude', 'Visibility', 'Multiplicity' and 'Consistency' and features many brilliant designs from all five Nordic countries. For more information, please visit the exhibition's home page.

One of many impressive designs, was Pia Myrvold's 'Cybercouture Hyper Mix' dress which is a dress the customer can 'create' him/herself by logging onto the designer's website, pick out the desired colours/designs/size and order a unique dress, that fits perfectly. For more information, please visit

The exhibition is financed by the cultural committee of the Nordic Council of Ministers and runs from 19th June - 28th August 2005.

Place: The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:30 am - 5:00pm
Tuesday 11:00 am - 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00pm

Entrance Prices:
Adult - £3.00
Child under 5 - free
Child/youth up to 16 - £1.00 
Student with Identification - £1.50
Unwaged - £1.50
Pensioner - £1.50

Dr Stuart MacDonald (Director of 'the Lighthouse') (front) and Chief Curator Chief Curator Professor Widar Halén (back / right).

Mr Boul Bache, Director of the Danish Arts Council

Chief Curator Professor Widar Halén, The National Museum of Art/The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo

Exhibition Architect Ms Linge Hansen and Chief Curator Professor Widar Halèn in front of Pia Myrvold's 'Cybercouture Hyper Mix' dress (right). 

Knitted wedding dress by Merete Taule (Norway)

Chair Loop by Johan Verde (Norway)

Children´s boots Cherrox (Winter) by Sigrid Eckhoff (Norway)

Children´s boots Cherrox (Winter) by Sigrid Eckhoff (Norway)

Glass Emergency Exit by Vidar Koksvik (Norway)

Salt and pepper in silver by Sigurd Bronger (Norway) and Teapot in silver Air by Leif Stangebye-Nielsen (Norway)

Glass vase with silk print Libella by Cathrine Maske (Norway) 

Weddingdress Zip Me Up by Wenche Lyche (Norway)

Weddingdress Zip Me Up by Wenche Lyche (Norway)

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