First Norwegian Centennial Tartan products released

In connection with the Norwegian Centenary, Scottish Kilt Maker David McGill designed a Norwegian Centennial Tartan. The first merchandise have now been produced and Mr McGill has proudly presented Consul General Arne Sivertsen with a Centennial Tartan Tie.

The tartan, which is made up of colours from the Scottish Saltire and the Norwegian flag, can be woven from wool to make kilts and sashes, or made from silk in order to make ties, scarves, shawls, etc.

For more information about the Centennial Tartan, please contact David McGill / 'International Tartans' on tel.: 0131 443 4160 or 07884 142 911, e-mail: or visit: or

Mr David McGill and Consul General Arne Sivertsen with the new Centennial Tartan Ties.

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Consul General Arne Sivertsen with the new Norwegian Centennial Tartan Tie