Successful Conference

In connection with the 100th anniversary of Norwegian independence, the Scottish Norwegian Society and the University of Glasgow organised a conference on 12th February.

The Conference concentrated on issues relating to nation building in the Northern area, with focus on Scottish-Norwegian connections. The Conference, which was sponsored by the Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh, was opened by Consul General Arne Sivertsen.

Professor Øystein Sørensen from the University of Oslo highlighted the historic events before and during 1905 and analysed the development that led to the peaceful dissolution of the Union between Sweden and Norway.

Dr Arne Kruse from the University of Edinburgh analysed the language situation in Scotland and Norway.

Finally, Professor Ted Cowan from the University of Glasgow gave a lively orientation about the Vikings’ presence and behaviour in Scotland from 800 AD onwards and how the Viking era impacted the development of Scottish-Norwegian connections.

The Conference was well attended and many questions and comments followed the presentations.

From left: Mr Alan MacNaughthan (Scottish Norwegian Society in Glasgow), Mrs Lonny Sivertsen, Consul General Arne Sivertsen, Dr Arne Kruse, Professor Øystein Sørensen and Professor Ted Cowan.

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Professor Øystein Sørensen

Dr Arne Kruse

Professor Ted Cowan