'Walks and Scrambles in Norway'

In contrast to the Scottish mountains, which have a variety of well written guidebooks for hillwalkers and climbers, there was not a colour guidebook to the best of Norway’s mountains, so Aberdeen based mountaineers John Baddeley and Ian H.Robertson decided to write one.

The two friends teamed up with English Internet mountain-author Anthony Dyer, split Norway’s mountains between them, and off they went. Anthony, John and Ian went on separate trips to the Norwegian Arctic in 2005 to complete the final chapters of their book “Walks and Scrambles in Norway”.

The culmination of two years’ efforts was celebrated at a book launch in Aberdeen on the 6 April in the presence of Norwegian Consul Bjørn Eilertsen.

“Walks and Scrambles in Norway” is published by the independent publishing house Ripping (  based in Aberdeenshire. This is the second book published by Ripping about the Norwegian mountains. In 2003, they republished the classic travelogue “Norway: the Northern Playground” which resulted in director Ian H. Robertson being invited to Norway to celebrate the republication of this adventure classic.

Munroist Anthony Dyer has run a mountaineering website ( since 1999 with on-line guidebook for hikes and climbs in Scotland and Norway. Anthony was contacted by Ian and John after they had read some of the routes on his site.

John Baddeley worked as a research biologist in Scandinavia and Spitzbergen for seven seasons. He is an enthusiastic ski-mountaineer in Norway and the Alps. Ian and John are members of Aberdeen Mountaineering Club, where they discovered they had a mutual interest in the Norwegian Mountains. Members of Aberdeen Mountaineering Club accompanied Ian and Johns’ separate expeditions to Arctic Norway in 2005.

Guest chapters were contributed by Tony Howard (a member of the pioneering British team to climb Norway’s Troll Wall), as well as Norwegian mountaineers Espen Nordahl, Vibeke Steen, Arnt Flatmo and Egil Birkemoe.

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Consul Bjørn Eilertsen, Anthony Dyer, John Baddeley and Ian Robertson at the Book Launch.

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