Arne Mæland sculptures in Glasgow

Four artists from the Arco Arte sculptor’s co-operative in Carrara, Italy, will exhibit their sculptures at the RGI Kelly Gallery in Glasgow 7th-21st August.

23/08/2004 :: Arne Mæland represents Norway in the group working mainly in stone and marble. He is a full-time artist working from his studio and art gallery Solbakken, near Bergen. In addition to stone-work Mæland is a painter, expressing himself in naturalistic as well as abstract ways. He has had several assignments both in Norway and abroad.

Arne Mæland is also the founder of the international sculpture symposia in Os. The Skulptur 99 Symposium gathered nearly a dozen artists of various nationalities, from Korea to Mexico.

The other three sculptors are Boutros Romhein, Tom Allan and Marton Varo

RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow
7th-21st August

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Cloaked figures (Belgian Marble) by Arne MælandPhoto courtesy of Tom Allan

Arne MælandPhoto courtesy of Arne Mæland