Bibliotecha Alexandrina Exhibition

 Date:02/07/2005 - 11/09/2005
 Location:Scotland, Edinburgh

The Bibliotecha Alexandrina exhibition presents the story of a unique international collaboration. Norway has played an important part in the building process, during which ideas and experience have been exchanged and new expertise developed.

Its aim is to spread information about the new Library of Alexandria to a larger public around the world, make people aware of Egypt as the cradle of western culture and of Alexandria and the Library as a centre of culture, science and research.

The exhibition projects the Library of Alexandria as a centre of peace and understanding and a meeting place between east and west, north and south, and the Islamic and Christian cultures and religions.

The exhibition has been produced by the Norwegian Museum of Architecture (NAM) in Oslo for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). It is being financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sponsored by Zumtobel Staff Jakobsson and Bosvik AS.

The exhibition is targeted at the general public and has three themes:

1. Echo of a great past. About the cultural background - Egypt, Alexandria, the
ancient Library of Alexandria.

2. Interpretation of a myth: About the building of the new Library. The planning and
building process and the presentation of the building itself.

3. Voyage of knowledge into the future. About the history and future of libraries and
the visions for the new Library.

The three themes are presented by texts, photographs, drawings, videos and
objects. The objects include models of the building, furniture and materials.

All the texts in the exhibition are in English, French and Arabic.

Place: City Art Centre, Edinburgh
Date: 2nd July - 11th Sept
Admission: Free

Bibliotecha Alexandrina was designed by Norwegian Architecture Firm 'Snøhetta'.

Bibliotecha Alexandrina

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Bibliotecha AlexandrinaPhoto: Courtesy of Snøhetta

Bibliotecha AlexandrinaPhoto: Courtesy of Snøhetta

Bibliotecha AlexandrinaPhoto: Courtesy of Snøhetta

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