Professor from the Norwegian Academy to hold lecture at Royal Society of Edinburgh


Professor Ole Laerum CorrFRSE, President, Norwegian Academy and Professor of Experimental Pathology and Oncology, The Gade Institute, University of Bergen will be holding a lecture entitled "Cellular Clocks" at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Practically all functions of the body vary from time to time. Such variations are often cyclic, where the variations occur as regular rhythms. Such rhythms can have a periodicity ranging from seconds, to day and night (circadian) and up to annual variations. In recent years it has been found that all cells in the body have clock functions, enabling them to keep time and also to be in equilibrium with the rest of the body. This lecture is a survey of how cellular clocks operate and how cyclic variations in different functions are important aspects of human daily life.

Date: Monday 3rd December

Time: 5.30pm- 7.00pm approx

Venue: The Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22 - 26 George Street, Edinburgh, 0131 240 5000 

Speaker: Professor Ole Laerum, President , Norwegian Academy

Refreshments: 5.00pm

Open to all and free to attend - tickets required. Overspill tickets only as of 14 November.


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Professor Ole Didrik LærumPhoto courtesy of Svein Eirik Dahl/Samfoto

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