General Election and Sami Parliament Election 2005

The General Election and Sami Parliament Election 2005 will be on the 12th September.

Norwegian residents abroad may vote in advance by one of the following two methods:

1. Advance voting in person at the Embassy or at Consulate registered to receive votes

2. Postal voting

Norwegians visiting the United Kingdom for a short period should primarily vote in their home constituency.

Advance voting in person
The Consulate General in Edinburgh, the Consulates in Aberdeen, Belfast, Glasgow, Kirkwall, Lerwick and Stornoway, - in addition to the Embassy in London, the Consulates in Liverpool, Newcastle and Plymouth - are approved to receive votes.

Advance voting takes place from Friday 1st July - Friday 9th September, inclusive. However, votes cast during the final week before Election Day cannot guarantee to reach the Election Committee in Norway in time. It is therefore recommended to vote well in advance.

Persons who wish to vote at the Consulate General in Edinburgh are asked to present themselves between the hours of 9 am and 3:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Please bring a valid means of identification.

Persons who have been resident abroad for more than 10 years must apply to be entered on the electoral register. They can do this at the same time as casting their vote.

Postal voting
Persons who are resident abroad may vote by post.

Please contact the Consulate General by post or by e-mail to for a voting form and information on how to proceed. More information is available at

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General Election and Sami Parliament Election 2005