Terje Håkonsen sets new world record

Norwegian snowboard legend Terje Håkonsen has set a new world best at the Oakley Arctic Challenge in Oslo, with the highest snowboard jump of all time.

The Oakley Arctic Challenge, Terje Håkonsen’s annual snowboard event, gathered the elite of the snowboard world for a spectacular competition in Oslo from 26 February to 3 March.

Terje Håkonsen broke the previous world record of 9.3 metres, held by Finland’s Heikki Sorsa, by pulling a backside 360 at a height of 9.8 metres.

The US’s Kevin Pearce won the Arctic Challenge, while Norway’s Henning Martinsen took second place. Terje Håkonsen won the Highest Air competition, and Pat Moore from the US won Best Trick.

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