Shakespeare with an international tweak

 Date:07/03/2006 - 02/04/2006
 Type:Culture, Performing Arts
 Location:England, London

International theatre company Zecora Ura, with production design by Norwegian Ingvill Fossheim, brings a 'spicy flavoured' version of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' to the stage in Greenwich, London.

Zecora Ura, a theatre group with an ensemble of artists from nine nationalities, promises to bring to life the story of an enchanting but nightmarish island and re-awaken the audience’s theatrical senses.

Zecora Ura has put 'The Tempest' under the magnifying glass and read between the lines to bring the audience a Latin-American flavoured version of Shakespeare's last play. The group says that sweet satire is made of man’s most acute emotions so that all present will recognise themselves in the grotesque but delightful characters. Zecora Ura's three international actors, which include Agnes Brekke who hails from both Norway and Columbia, will draw people into a world that is both familiar and strange, where the mysterious language echoes their most remote dreams and fantasies. 

Based on a project developed in Brazil in collaboration with internationally acclaimed LUME Teatro, and with award winning director Gabriel Gawin, Zecora Ura’s 'The Tempest' promises to offer a sharp flavour of a seductive reality which explores the relevance of Shakespeare’s last living message for today’s multi-cultural climate.

This version of 'The Tempest' was born in Brazil as the expression of Zecora Ura’s desire to investigate the metamorphosis of a quintessentially British text amid vibrant Afro-Brazilian surroundings. It was influenced by the company’s exchange of practice with the celebrated Brazilian theatre companies LUME Teatro and Grupo Moitara as well as research into Brazilian folklore and culture. This investigation culminated in a tour of seven Brazilian cities in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia States.
Zecora Ura has now entered into the third developmental stage of this project by inviting British/Polish theatre practitioner Gabriel Gawin to direct this last version which will run at the Greenwich Playhouse for four weeks. Gabriel Gawin was a founding member and principal performer in the Polish theatre company, Teatr Piesn Kozla (Song of the Goat) for five years. He has taken on the challenging task of assimilating the Latin American spirit alive amongst the cast with his broad knowledge and experience of Shakespearian text and Polish theatre practice. 

With this latest production Zecora Ura is endeavouring to mix the four languages Spanish, Portuguese, Basque and English which are represented within the cast into an island pidgin. The result of this experiment is a flow of seductive sounds that communicates the essence of Shakespeare’s images - and underlines the group's desire to challenge audience perception of other languages. A direct result of this transformation is that the play becomes instantly more accessible to an audience of today’s culturally diverse society.

'The Tempest'
Greenwich Playhouse
Greenwich Station Forecourt, 189 Greenwich High Road, London SE10 8JA
7 March - 2 April
Tue-Sat: 7.45pm, Sun: 4pm
Tickets: £11 / £8 (concessions) - £7 for group bookings of 10+
Box Office: 0208 858 9256;

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Zecora Ura's 'The Tempest' runs at Greenwich Playhouse until 2 April