Tharan Revfem at Robin Howard Dance Theatre London

 Date:08/09/2004 - 11/09/2004

Tharan has been short listed for The Place Prize – England’s largest choreography award – and is one of 20 choreographers who have been commissioned to create a new work for the prize. Her work 'DOT' will be performed by Plire Multi Dance 8 - 11 September

Tharan Revfem is a choreographer of an eclectic mix of styles, multimedia performance as well as a performer, artistic director and teacher. Born in Tønsberg, Norway, Tharan moved to London in 1995 to study dance and choreography at London Studio Centre and Millenium Dance 2000. She founded Plire Multi Dance (PMD) in 1999 to be able to develop her own ideas and movement style.

Using dance as a starting point she invites other artists to collaborate on her projects. Together they build up the structure combining their different artistic expressions.

She creates a multi dimensional vocabulary of movement, often in collaboration with video. By pushing the boundaries of each movement style: contemporary dance, street/locking, jazz, athletic movements and theatre, she fuses them into a style where it is no longer possible to distinguish each movement’s origin.

The majority of PMD’s productions are based on challenging each collaborator. This urges them to push the boundaries of their art form into a zone where each medium involved becomes dependent on the others and creates one strong expression built by different media and different people.

Robin Howard Dance Theatre London
The Place
17 Duke’s Road
London WC1H 9PY

Interview with Tharan
29th April 2004

What type of work will you present in the competition?

My work is a multi-media project where I am collaborating with Danish video artist Nikolaj B. S. Larsen, electronic score by Danish composer Mikkel H Eriksen and it will also include music by Fourtet.

It is an energetic piece showing a close interaction between dance and video based on a technical break down. I am working with an eclectic mix of movement styles. I push the boundaries of each movement style and fuse them together into one strong fruitful expression.

So how do you feel?

I am very exciting and thrilled to be through to the last 20 and receive money to create the work. But first of all the work have to be created so at the moment I am pretty relaxed about the Award. I am also working on 4 other projects at the moment and curating a Scandinavian multi-media event so it is a bit of a non top period, but it is all good.

How will this award affect you as choreographer and you work? Well I am in London and it is a lot of choreographers, so I guess the PR and attention around the award will open up for a further interest in my work, myself and my dance company.

It will not affect my work in the sense of creativeness, as I did not win a dose of creativity (she laughs). I am just going to continue doing what I have been doing over the last 4 years and take things as they come.

What is your reaction to contemporary dance being put in a competitive scenario?

I know that there has been a lot of critic to the whole competition thing. I am not bothered about it. I do not think of it as a competition. My work is about challenge, my life is about challenge, and this was just another one. Applying for funding is also a competition.

If you do not get the money it does not mean that your project was not good, it could be that your application was not thought through well enough or simply because they did not like the idea that you proposed to them etc. It is the same thing with this prize. The only difference her is that it was anonymous, so you could not use your famous face to get through. I thought that was the best part of The Place Prize and a shocker for some.

So do you think you will win the 1st prize of £25 000?

Nooooo.... I do not think so....that would be rather surprising if that happened, but my work for The Prize will be good that I know (she smiles)

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DOT - a work by Plire Multi Dance

Tharan Revfem, artistic director of Plire Multi Dance