'Terje Vigen' in London's West End

 Date:13/06/2008 - 15/06/2008

‘Terje Vigen’, the musical based on Henrik Ibsen’s poem, is on at the Arts Theatre in the West End from 13 - 15 June.

02/06/2008 :: 'Terje Vigen' is a story based on a true character and true events that happened during the Napoleonic war in 1809. The Norwegian Terje bravely rows across the sea, sneaking through a blockade of war ships to save his family from starvation. He nearly succeeds, but gets captured, and his world changes forever...

‘Terje Vigen’ is a new extravagant one-man multi-media-musical. A newly produced Film is integrated as part of the set portraying the life of Vigen. A powerful and haunting new score by Norwegian composer Kjell-Ole Haune, together with an outstanding one-man performance, takes the audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride through Vigen’s dramatic life.

The Musical has claimed international success touring Norway, the USA, and is now heading for its UK Premiere at The Arts Theatre in London's West End, in June 2008.

13 – 15 June
The Arts Theatre
6/7 Great Newport Street
London WC2H

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Photo: Randi Haune

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