Norwegian-produced play in London

 Date:27/02/2007 - 18/03/2007
 Type:Culture, Performing Arts
 Location:England, London

The play 'The End of Everything Ever', produced by Norwegian Kjell Moberg from European theatre companie NIE, premieres in the UK at the Battersea Arts Centre.

Battersea Arts Centre presents the London premiere of The End of Everything Ever, a story of survival, love and hope. Drawing on true stories and accounts of the Kindertransport, NIE shines a light into some of our continent’s darkest history. Kindertransport  was the informal name of a rescue effort which brought thousands of refugee Jewish children to Great Britain from Nazi Germany between 1938 and 1940. Agata is 6 years old. She is going to the railway station with her father. Everyone is very happy, only she has the strange feeling that she will never see them again. On the train, tired and hungry, she absent-mindedly chews on the paper name tag tied around her neck.Very slowly she consumes her name and address, erasing any chance of getting back home again.

NIE is an international project that brings together theatre artists from different backgrounds and traditions to create original performances. NIE uses contemporary European stories as the basis for devising original theatre performances. Participants perform in their own languages and all performances should be understandable to everyone regardless of barriers of language. Live music and singing is integral to their work and forms a vital part of their making and teaching. The style and form of the work created draw directly on the ideas, feeling and experiences of the project participants and their response to source material. All projects foster exchange and understanding between participants from East and West Europe. The teatre company was founded in 2001 by Norwegian director and actor Kjell Moberg, British director Alex Byrne and Czech actress Iva Moberg. The company has won several awards including the Total Theatre Award 2006 during The Edinburgh Fringe.

NIE trilogy

There is a one-off chance to catch NIE’s Trilogy. Three shows which take an intimate and personal look at the lives of three people caught up in events much bigger than themselves. The trilogy will only be performed on Saturday 3 March:

My Long Journey Home 2pm £12/ £7 Concs
Past Half Remembered 5pm £12/ £7 Concs
The End of Everything Ever 8pm £12/ £7 Concs
All three shows £24 / £14 Concs

The End of Everything Ever
27 February – 18 March
Main House Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre
Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN
7.30pm (Sun 5.30pm & Sat 3 Mar 8pm)
£12 / £7 Concs (Tues Pay What You Can)
Box Office: 020 7223 2223

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'The End of Everything Ever' draws on true stories and accounts of the Kindertransport.Photo: NIE

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