Ibsen-inspired play at the National Theatre

 Date:20/01/2009 - 29/04/2009
 Location:England, London

Samuel Adamson’s play ’Mrs. Affleck’, inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s ’Little Eyolf’, will be staged at the National Theatre in London from January through April.

Australian-born playwright Samuel Adamson once again uses one of Henrik Ibsen’s plays as a platform for his latest drama, this time drawing inspiration from ’Little Eyolf’ which was first published in 1894. Ibsen's play has been described as a dark and ruthless piece of theatrical poetry.

Adamson has chosen to update the story and place in a more contemporary setting. 'Mrs. Affleck’ is best described as a passionate and tragic tale of obsessive love. The wealthy and beautiful Rita Affleck, portrayed by award winning actress Claire Skinner, is consumed by jealous love while nursing her crippled son on her own for several weeks. The return of her husband, Alfred, brings not the passion and love Rita so desires, but rather torment as Alfred is accompanied by his possessive half-sister. Rita's torment is further aggravated by a great revelation. Angus Wright, who received the Carleton Hobbs Award for his contribution to British radio broadcasting, stars as Alfred, while the character of his half-sister is played by Naomi Fredrick. 

Samuel Adamson has used 'Little Eyolf' as the prism through which to shine light on all sorts of issues in post-war British society. "The new play differs in many ways from 'Little Eyolf', but retains Ibsen's essential plot. There are new characters, a new setting, new themes, new subplots and all sorts of changes including an altered ending, but it remains a play about parenthood, obsessive love and loss; I hope I've stayed true to the essential spirit of Ibsen," says Adamson.

’Mrs. Affleck’ is directed by Marianne Elliot, winner of the Evening Standard’s Theatre Award for Best Director in 2006. Both Adamson and Elliot are familiar with Henrik Ibsen’s plays and they also collaborated on Adamson’s reinterpretation of ’Pillars of the Community’ in 2005. 

‘Mrs. Affleck’ by Samuel Adamson
Directed by Marianne Elliot
20 January – 29 April 2009
National Theatre, London
South Bank, SE1 9PX

Tickets available by telephone 020 7452 3000 or online, click here.

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Samuel Adamson’s play ’Mrs. Affleck’, inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s ’Little Eyolf’, will be staged at London's National Theatre 20 January- 29 April 2009. 

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