'Karius and Baktus' to London!

 Date:28/03/2006 - 29/03/2006
 Type:Culture, Performing Arts
 Location:England, London

Get your toothbrushes out - Karius and Baktus are to visit London! Little Troll Productions takes Thorbjørn Egner's famous story about two cheeky 'tooth trolls' to the stage in London's East End.

Little Troll Productions is staging Thorbjørn Egner´s well-known story about Karius and Baktus for the first time ever in the UK. Karius and Baktus are two tiny, naughty trolls who live in the mouth of little Jack and make holes in his teeth. The production will first be staged at the Hackney Empire, Bullion Rooms on 28 March at 2pm and on 29 March at 10am and 2pm.

The play has been translated by Pat Shaw, directed by Ragga Gudrun with David Richter and Vincent Gayle playing Karius and Baktus. The performance is accompanied with 3D animation and the original music by Christian Hartmann.

Teachers will be provided with teachers' resource material and with ideas for further classroom work.

For further information and to book a seat for the performances, contact Little Troll Productions on 0207 254 2571 or email

Thorbjørn Egner (1912-90), writer of children stories and illustrator, is much loved among generations of Norwegians and has had a huge influence on children's literature in Norway. He wrote elementary school books, and presented regular children's programmes on radio - his books have also been adapted for theatre. His works are translated to many languages and continue to capture children's imagination across the world.

'Karius and Baktus' was both written and illustrated by Egner and first published in 1949. It was also made into a successful film by Ivo Caprino, the famous Norwegian puppet film maker, in 1954. It has been said that the book and the film have had an immense influence on Norwegian children's attitude towards dental hygiene, particularly right after the book was first published.

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'Karius and Baktus' will be staged at the Hackney Empire, Bullion Rooms on 28 March at 2pm and on 29 March at 10am and 2pm