Norwegian play premieres in the UK

 Date:24/08/2006 - 27/08/2006
 Type:Culture, Performing Arts
 Location:England, London

Norwegian theatre group Teater Syklus brings their play 'In the shop' to the UK following successful performances in Norway and the US.

The theatre group Teater Syklus was founded in 2000 by the actors Elsa E. Aanensen and Camilla Belsvik. Teater Syklus has produced and performed the English version of the play 'I en Butikk' by the dramatist Liv Heløe. It is a one act play translated by Camilla Belsvik. The play had its premiere at Det Åpne Teater in Oslo in April 2004. In May 2004 'In a shop' was performed at the festival Norway Day in San Francisco. In November 2004 it visited Haugesund Teater, and in January 2005 at Skomaker Dagestad's shoe shop in Josefinesgate in Oslo!

'In a shop' debates human beings ability to be honest with themselves. The play asserts a view saying life should be lived in truth, and from encounters with other people we grow as individuals. The theme is forever topical, thoughts around truth and existence are classic and universal. The play therefore concerns all young people and adults, independent of background and nationality. The storyline 'In a Shop' presents two women with a different focus in their lives. Tina is a career woman, effective and cynical, and the proud manager of a shop. Anita is a traveller seeking new grounds, open to challenge and embracing life with curiosity. At the beginning of their encounter they play roles where they test each other out and experiment with status and power relationship. As the situation develops both women learn from each other, and an exchange of qualities takes place. Both winning, and growing fuller as human beings.

The theatre group says: "The intension with the project is to promote Norwegian contemporary drama abroad. We want to present new trends in Norwegian theatre and arouse interest for a new Norwegian dramatist, Liv Heløe."

Liv Heløe has after many years of acting experience, taken a dramatist education at the Norwegian State Drama School. Several of her texts were performed at the National Theatre and The Norwegian Theatre during her education. "I en Butikk" premiered at Det Norske Teatret, Oslo spring 2003 as part of Liv Heløe`s final exam at the dramatist course of the Norwegian State Drama School.

The play is directed by Audny Chris Holsen who graduated from the Norwegian State Drama School in 1997. She has worked as a director, script developer and producer in Norway and Denmark. In addition to theatre work she has run her own nightclub in Oslo.

In a Shop
Camden People’s Theatre, London
24-27 August, 8pm.
58-60 Hampstead Road
Tickest £10.00 / Concs: £8.00
To buy, click here - or call 08700 600 100

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'In the shop' will be performed at the Camden People’s Theatre from 24-27 August