Theatre production with a cultural testimony

 Date:04/09/2007 - 29/09/2007
 Type:Culture, Performing Arts
 Location:England, London

A Serbian stand-up comedian, a Kosovan human trafficking victim, a Bosnian actor, a Norwegian journalist and a Balkan Mafioso, all escaping, all pursuing fragile dreams in London, are the characters in the Cherub Company’s new theatre production ‘Fragile!’.

Amidst tabloid paranoia about migrant workers and the blurring of national boundaries comes this sparkling multiple award-winning play by Tena Stivicic. The British premiere of the play, which is directed by Michael Gieleta, will take place at the Arcola Theatre in East London in early September. 

The Cherub Company has as its mission to nurture, develop and produce non-British dramatic works in the UK. It has been a creative and pioneering force in British Theatre since 1978. It persistently recruits new audiences among the ethnic and cultural communities that do not historically belong to the British theatre tradition, and aims to produce works which respond to the preoccupations and anxieties of modern British society.

The Cherub’s objective with this production is to commit to the cultural testimony of people whose theatre is under-represented in the UK; challenge social and cultural prejudice by appealing to groups socially excluded from mainstream theatre in the UK; represent on stage ethnic and cultural communities that do not “belong” to the British theatre tradition; empower these groups and encourage them to become part of the modern British theatre audience; and produce a work that will lend itself to widespread public debate.

4 - 29 September, 8.15 pm
Arcola Theatre
27 Arcola Street, London E8 2DJ

Tickets: £13 full price, £9 concessions
Book online
here or call the box office on 020 7503 1646

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'Fragile!' runs at the Arcola Theatre from 4 - 29 September.

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