Peer Gynt at London theatre

 Date:29/09/2005 - 30/10/2005
 Type:Culture, Theatre
 Location:England, London

Dale Teater Kompani aims to raise awareness of Ibsen Year 2006 in London by producing a new translation and adaptation of Peer Gynt at the Rosemary Branch Theatre as a warm-up to the Ibsen Year.

Dale Teater Kompani presents the adventures of Peer Gynt - a man who travels the world with no calling, no commitment, no morality but with a breathtaking lust for life. Ibsen’s classic is a thought-provoking fable of the universal struggle to find our own identity and the meaning of life.

Dale Teater Kompani return to the Rosemary Branch after taking their production of ‘A Doll’s House’ to the Ibsen Festival at The National Theatre in Oslo.

Ibsen Year 2006

Dale Teater Kompani is involved in a joint promotion with The Royal Academy Of Arts exhibition, Munch By Himself, which will include reciprocal ticket offers and a  performance of excerpts from Dale’s  production of Peer Gynt at the Royal Academy.

This will be followed by a month of Ibsen events, including a mini-symposium, film and an image based exhibition, in one venue, The Riverside Studios. Taking place in January/February 2006 these events will form the start of Ibsen Year 2006 in London by creating a focused interest in the centenary. They will begin on 17 January, immediately after the official Ibsen Year opening in Oslo.

The events will be built around one of Ibsen’s least performed plays, Little Eyolf, previously performed by Dale TK at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in 2003 and newly adapted for this venue. The company’s aim has always been to present Ibsen in an innovative way that encourages socially inclusive audiences and not just those already committed to the subject. The interest already experienced from schools and colleges will be built on through a programme of educational activities based around this specific project.

With or without a centenary, Ibsen is regularly performed in the UK. The centenary year will, nevertheless, represent a unique opportunity to highlight how Ibsen as a dramatist has been re-invented on the stage again and again. Ibsen’s universal ideas and timeless psychology have stood the test of time and are as relevant today as they were during his life.

Nora Ibsen attends premiere

Nora Ibsen, the great-great granddaughter of Henrik Ibsen is to attend the world premiere the ballet. MsIbsen, a theatre producer, who lives in Oslo, Norway, is working with the National Ibsen Committee of Norway to coordinate a host of events throughout the world in 2006 to commemorate the centenary. Ms Ibsen will fly to London to attend a reception and performance of the ballet on 23 September. Ms Ibsen said: “I am delighted that Cathy Marston has chosen Ghosts, to adapt into a ballet. I have seen her past work and am very impressed. I am very interested to see how she translates the drama into dance. Ghosts is a remarkable, haunting play and the tragic issues it deals with are sadly as relevant to today’s society as at the time the play was written.”

Peer Gynt
By Henrik Ibsen

Translated, adapted and directed by Terje Tveit

The Rosemary Branch, 2 Shepperton Road, London N13 DT
Tel: 020-7704-2730 Email:

Tuesday - Saturday 7. 00  Sunday 5.00
Saturday Matinees on 22 and 29 October 2.30
Previews: 29 September – 2 October £6.50
4 – 23 October  £10 and £8 concessions
25 – 30 October all tickets £12.00

Press writings:

A Doll’s House:
"You can feel the zig-zags of electricity on stage"

“This is a production that continues to resonate long after the noise of the slammed door has faded.”
Camden New Journal

"...a cohesive and coherent production with energy to burn"
Time Out

Pillars of Society:
“The central performances are simply outstanding.”
Hackney Gazette

"Critic's Choice - Five Best Productions Nationwide"
The Independent

Little Eyolf:
“This production is pacy proof that Ibsen's understanding of people, and the desperate things they do in the search for fulfilment, can outshine the gloom."
Time Out

“What is remarkable is the fluid choreography that Tveit has brought to the play.”
Times Literary Supplement

“This latter day Ibsen play hasn't been given the big West End treatment yet but on tonight's evidence perhaps a swift transfer is in order.”
Camden New Journal

“Terje Tveit's bold, expressionistic staging”
Time Out

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Actors from Dale Teater Kompani rehearsing Peer GyntPhoto: Dale Teater Kompani

The play runs from 29 September to 30 OctoberPhoto: Dale Teater Kompani

Photo: Dale Teater Kompani