Woodleg Odd at Bar Rumba

 Date:29/06/2005 - 01/07/2005
 Type:Culture, Concert
 Location:England, London

Norwegian soul and blues band Woodleg Odd team up with singer/songwriter Kimneeta for three gigs in London


Woodleg Odd and Kimneeta in London

Wednesday 29th June, Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftsbury Avenue, London, W1D 7EP
Thursday 30th and Friday 1st July at Ain’t Nothin’ but the Blues

Kimneeta, an exciting new female British Jazz/Blues Singer/Songwriter

Born in Fitzrovia, London, into a household immersed in the strains of music ranging from Beethoven to Sinatra. 19 year old Kimneeta, who resides in Marylebone, has effortlessly emerged as a prodigious musical talent. A guitarist, from age 7, with a distinctive jazz/blues style, she commenced song writing, with poetic, thought provoking lyrics, aged 11. She has a distinctive talent for fusing her music and words to provide the perfect milieu to a delightfully expressive alto voice. The result is a raw, but emotionally sensitive jazz/blues sound, that delights the ear and wraps the mind in pleasure.

Kimneeta has toured in Norway earlier this year, during which she performed on national radio, and in a major musical festival. A CD of her music was given considerable air waves play as well. Such was the enthusiasm of the Norwegian public that she has been billed to perform further tours in Scandinavia, including, most recently, on a sea cruise, where she performed along side a national blues/soul band, Woodlegg Odds.

There has been an abrupt resurgent interest in Jazz/Blues. Melodies and lyrics really are what it’s all about. Her self-penned compositions evoke a range of emotions from heart-stopping to the poignant and mystic These songs reveal a maturity of creative capacity belied by Kimneeta’s tender years.

Woodleg Odd, the hottest, hippest Norwegian blues band

The strange name Woodleg Odd comes from the drummer Odd who’s right foot is made of wood ! The word Odd also means weird people, which .ts good for the members of this band...

In addition to heavy touring in Norway during the last .ve years the band has released three albums, accomplished two USA-tours with great success and also visited England several times. Woodleg Odd has achieved a lot of compliments from media and blues lovers, and the music has been presented in radio and television in several countries.

The second album “The right track” won the hottest price in the Norwegian magazine “BluesNews”, where the readers voted them the best Norwegian blues album of the year, and the latest album “Norwegian Wood” has already been sold to many parts of the world where the band is getting more and more popular.
Several well known magazines (like Blues Revue, BluesNews and Guitar One) has made articles and positive reviews of the band and their albums. This con.rmes the international qualities and the seriousity of this band !

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Kimneeta and Woodleg Odd

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