Norwegian ‘king’ with new album

Erlend Øye, singer with the popular acoustic duo Kings of Convenience, is juggling several balls and now releases a new album with his new band The Whitest Boy Alive.

Subtlety seems to be the overriding theme in the works of The Whitest Boy Alive. From the lyrics, hooks and infectious melodies on this, their debut and masterful album ‘Dreams’, to their attitude, persona and style, the songs on this album will probably find their way into your head in a very unassuming manner.

They’re a fairly secretive band who let their music do the talking, but we do know they’re a four-piece based in Berlin and they recorded their music without any superficial layering or effects. The album is also a rarity in that it was recorded entirely live.

The band is fronted by Norwegian Erlend Øye and that the quartet originally started in 2003 as an electronic dance music project when lead singer Erlend hooked up with Marcin Oz, resident DJ at the city’s WMF club. The bands studio was previously Erich Honecker’s secret hideout in Café Moskau and it was there they discovered and joined up with remaining two members Sebastian Maschat and Daniel Nentwig

‘Dreams’ is an off-kilter blend of minimal percussion, subtle melodies and folk-esque guitars, exploring minimalist pop with amazing results. Album highlights ‘Golden Cage’, ‘Done With You’ and ‘Burning’ show the laid-back charm of this very special band. 'Dreams' is released via Modular records and is in shops now.

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The Whitest Boy Alive's album 'Dreams' was released on 26 November

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