Celebrating Kon Tiki’s 60th anniversary

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2007 sees the 60th anniversary of the Kon Tiki expedition, and to mark the event, Norwegian singer/songwriter Tron Jensen performs tracks from his new album ‘Ocean’ at the ICA in London, following a screening of the original Oscar-winning documentary about the voyage.

‘Ocean’ is dedicated to the memory of Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who in 1947 crossed the Pacific Ocean on a balsa wood raft, named the Kon Tiki, in an extraordinary bid to prove his theory that the Polynesians undertook the same feat over 1000 years before. Despite scepticism, Heyerdahl and his team crossed 8000 km of ocean in 101 days, proving his theory. A documentary of the voyage won an Oscar in 1951 and the book about the expedition has sold over 52 million copies. Jensen holds a deep admiration for Heyerdahl, so driven by a desire to meet him he tracked him down living in the Canary Islands in 1997. Thor Heyerdahl died in 2002. 

In April 2006, a team or explorers, including Heyerdahl’s grandson, Olav set out to re-enact the Kon Tiki’s great journey. Jensen saw them on their way, and tracks from ‘Ocean’ will accompany the forthcoming film of that expedition. 

Born and raised in Bergen, from a Norwegian bloodline of seafarers and great explorers, Jensen is a traveller at heart. As a young man, with just a backpack and guitar he set sail around the world as a deck hand on a tallship. He jumped ship in Sydney for a U2 concert, yet continued his journey and, believing that “every place has its own song”, channelled his experiences into song writing.  

On return from his travels Jensen set about recording some of the songs. Keen to capture their spirit - of longing at sea, coming home, and of the search for the deeper truths in life - he rented an old, uninhabited sea house deep amongst the Norwegian fjords. His group of musicians carried the studio equipment across rocky islands and inlets to capture the special atmosphere of the rugged, remote coastline. 

Released on 2 April, ‘Ocean’ is Jensen’s debut album, and takes the listener on his own personal journey.  Blending blues, folk and rock, the album features a collection of anthemic torch songs, delicate, melodies, and out and out rock guitar riffs. His seemingly simple songs are brought to life with a passionate voice that ranges from a deep reedy whisper to haunting tenor, all underpinned by superbly clean steel guitar. 

Tron Jensen live / Screening of ‘Kon Tiki’
29 March, 8pm
The Institute of Contemporary Arts,
The Mall, London SW1Y  
Tickets: £12. Buy online
here or call 020 7930 3647.

Jensen holds a deep admiration for Heyerdahl, so driven by a desire to meet him he tracked him down living in the Canary Islands in 1997.

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Tron Jensen's new album 'Ocean' is out on 2 April.

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