Troll and Hulder at St. Martin's

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Stunning Norwegian folk vocalist Åsne Sunniva comes to St. Martin's to make her first UK appearance. This concert, "Troll and Hulder - Norway in a Nutshell", explores the mysterious legend of the Hulder (part of the Troll family) and the Norwegian fascination with fairy-tales. 20 April at St Martin's.

Norwegian Roots: "Troll and Hulder" - Norway in a nutshell

When singing her "hulder" song in the Norwegian mountains every summer to over 1 million people, Åsne is renowned as the star of the show. Here she is joined by two of Norway's finest folk musicians: Torstein Hatlevik who plays an array of wind instruments and sensational accordion and string player Snorre Bjerck.

Vocals: Åsne Sunniva
Wind instruments: Torstein Hatlevik
Accordion/Strings: Snorre Bjerck

World Squares - World Music @ St Martin's
7.30pm at St Martin's, London

£8, £12, £15
Box Office: 020 7839 8362
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Folk vocalist Åsne Sunniva