Five gigs in London

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Winterstorm Management Showcase and Aurora Borealis Music invite you to a showcase of great Norwegian acts including Auden Prim, Kari Kleiv and Ragz. The free gig is tonight at Bar Academy Islington

Monday 9th May 2005
Doors open 7pm | Free entrance

Bar Academy Islington
N1 Centre
16 Parkfield Street

Auden Prim – (8.50 pm)
The five Norwegian guys who form Auden Prim are sure to take over the music world if you are going to believe Gigwise magazine and Mary-Anne Hobbs (Radio1);
 “I really like this track! I listen to hundreds of demos every week and this one clearly stands out!” Mary Anne played “Living Strong” on the Rock Show saying; “Believe it or not, that is just a demo! everybody thought the demo was so spectacular, I think it’s absolutely cracking!” The band have also featured on Kerrang Radio, Radio City and BBC Radio1 and in magazines such as NME, Fly Magazine and Musicweek.
These energetic Liverpool-based rockers were a hit at last year’s In The City (2004) music convention, and definitely know how to entertain the crowds!
“The Prims” have a little something extra and they are definitely on the verge of invading our helpless country” - Andy Day, Gigwise Magazine.

Kari Kleiv – (10.10 pm)
Aspiring actress and heart-warmingly fine singer/songwriter, Kari, was born in Kristiansand on the southernmost tip of Norway and has subsequently lived in Los Angeles, Japan and the Philippines. Along the way she has been the face of Minolta in the Far East and an aid worker in the slums of Panai. Backed by a motley crew of low key music characters and armed with an acoustic she picked up in the Philippines for £10, Kari’s charmingly intimate soirees recently won the big hearts and small wallets of Fierce Panda Records. She is our special guest tonight!

Touriste – (8.10 pm)
“They called themselves Touriste, in love with the sounds they make. Formed in South London just after Sam won a national song writing competition... errrr…twice (!), convincing Kris that if he didn't look at the back of Sam's head, they could write songs together without wanting to fight each other. The brothers then set about engineering plans to poach the best guitarist and drummer they could find from local bands, "We all lost good friends over this you know". A year has passed and they have grown, collectively, as Touriste in more ways than one, and are now definitely a must-hear!
< Maybe mention that they have had interest from labels??>

The Weather – (7.30 pm)
The Weather is obviously needed to create a Storm, and these lads sure do. Twenty-something year old Alex heads up The Weather, a multi skilled singer/songwriter who knows how to melt a listener’s heart with the most extraordinary sounds you can imagine. One nice bunch of musicians help Alex visualise the magic sound which we’ve chosen to call the weather forecast.

Ragz – (9.30 pm)
This Norwegian lady and her band are definitely worth seeing! Full of energy, Ragz are melodic, yet hard-hitting with catchy but alternative songs. With her music and her slightly mad attitude, Ragz has created her own universe of lyrics and melody, welcoming you to join at any time. Together with her band she presents rock, soul and magic through voice, guitars and performance.

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A storm is a brewing in London town tonight

Ragz are all bestest friends

Auden Prim on a windy rooftop somewhere in Liverpool