Silje Nergaard at Cheltenham International Jazz Festival

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’There is a candy-sweetness to her voice, but this candy is not for children. It’s after-dinner candy, with black coffee and the promise of what to follow’, The Independent wrote. She sings at the Everyman theatre on 2 May.

Everyman Theatre
Box Office: 01242 227979

Silje Neergard vocals
Tord Gustavson piano
Harald Johnsen bass
Jarle Vespestad drums

Press quotes:

The UK Guardian wrote of her one-week appearance at Ronnie Scott´s:
"She avoids falling back on the straight-jazz singer´s usual safe bets, choosing instead to work over relaxed funk or minimalist slow-burn settings for ballads.She has a flexible and highly developed technique, with instrument-like qualities in her dynamic and tonal range.4 out of 5 stars"

The UK Independent wrote:
"Captivating, Intriguing, Graceful…Her middle register has a captivating, viola-rich timbre, playedwith plenty of resin on the bow so that she cuts emphatically into each note, but with perfect control. There is a candy-sweetnessto her voice, but this candy is not for children. It's after-dinner candy,with black coffee and the promise of what is to follow…. If Nergaard continues to sing and write like this, it shouldn't belong before she doesn't have to explain the correctpronunciation of her name."

The New York Times wrote about her performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival:
"Other (acts) were revelations. The Norwegian jazz star Silje Nergaard and her talented trio …compensated with emotional reach and a rare spatial awareness,letting notes, phrases, gestures, emotions and solosbreathe like wine."

"Silje is a star of considerable international standing." -- Billboard

“… the reception she got must bode well for the future. From my front row seat in this quaint back and beyond I swear I saw thegenesis of a brilliant, new rising star who’ll well be able to compete with the Diana Kralls of this world. On Thursday nightin Oeiras the singer, accompanied by an excellent three piece band,gracefully performed a mixture of her latest creative work from hernew album “At First Light” … Dressed as if she had just drifted off thebeach at Carcavelos - in a modest turquoise@ summer number and first-thing-in-the-morning hair - this unassuming and modest singer with a girlie voice weaved a mellow tapestry of her own songs from “There’s Always A First Time” to “Be Still My Heart” and “There’s Trouble Brewing.” Let us hope a much wider audience gets the pleasure of disc-overing this talented singer and her trio in Oporto and Lisbon before too long.” -- Chris Graeme , Music&Media and Anglo Portuguese News
TELEGRAPH (UK) Martin Gayford, April 2002

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