Rockers Sheep tour UK

 Date:07/09/2004 - 22/09/2004

The three core members of Sheep had been walking the cold streets of Oslo for years looking for the two missing pieces to make something good even better. Today the five well travelled rockers sound like a mesh between Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Husker Du and Nirvana

"Why call a punk rock band sheep? Why couldn't we just leave those cute cotton dots alone? Is it because of hardcore legends Minor threat's sheep cover? Is it because of our guitarist hair? Is it because Nirvana's Nevermind was supposed to be named sheep? Or is it a political statement like "we're all a bunch of sheep"? Well, we don't really know, and I guess we don't need a reason, because this is rock music!"

Sheep's UK Tour:

7 september  glasgow | 13th note cafe

10 september  lancaster | the yorkshire house

12 september  leeds | fenton

13 september  nottingham | the old angel

14 september  leicester | the attic

15 september  gloucester | welsh harp

(22 september brighton | the vault)

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Photo: Julie Pedersen

Oslo rockers, SheepPhoto: Johnny Syversen