Traditional Scandinavian music and dance in Yorkshire

 Date:04/05/2007 - 07/05/2007
 Type:Culture, Music
 Location:England, Yorkshire

Yorkshire Dales Workshops are arranging a packed weekend of some of the very best in traditional Scandinavian music, song and dance the first weekend of May, when the annual Scandinavian Festival will take place.

With workshops, dances, sessions and visits to local schools, the festival features leading names in Scandinavian fiddle playing and traditional dance, and the weekend also includes a concert by Fribo on the Saturday evening – a unique collaboration between three musicians from Norway, Scotland and England who blend their own musical styles together in an innovative and sensitive way. Norwegian artists taking part during the festival include:

Ulf-Arne Johannessen
Ulf-Arne Johannessen is from Hallingdal in Norway. He studied music at the universities of Oslo and Vienna and at the Rauland Folk Music Academy. He frequently achieves top spots in competitions for his two-row accordion and dancing skills. He teaches dance and has performed in a number of theatrical productions, besides being a wood-carver.

Hilde Kirkebøen
Hilde Kirkebøen grew up in Hallingdal and began to learn Hardanger fiddle at the age of 10, taking lessons from the renowned Jens Myro and later from other traditional fiddle players. She now is an enthusiastic participant in competitions and is also a fine dancer.

Ola Stave
Ola Stave is also from Hallingdal. He is an accomplished dancer and has led many courses in Springar and Gammaldans. He is also an talented two-row accordion player.

Sturla Eide
Sturla Eide is from Trøndelag in central Norway and plays Hardanger fiddle. He has been playing folk music since he was a child, taking part in competitions until he eventually reached the A-class level in 1999. He has studied music at the University of Trondheim, and works as a freelance musician specialising in folk music. He also teaches children to play fiddle, violin and guitar. Sturla has represented Norway on several occasions abroad, both as performer and a teacher.

Fribo (in concert)
Fribo is a unique collaboration between three musicians from Norway, Scotland and England, who blend their own musical styles together in an innovative and sensitive way. Fribo have succeeded in sharing their carefully woven melodies, blending Anne Sofie’s beautiful Norwegian voice, Sarah-Jane Summer’s rich Scottish Highland fiddle and Ewan MacPherson’s sympathetic guitar backing. With a growing reputation, their live shows have received great responses and they have performed at venues in the UK and Europe.

Venues for the festival are in or close to Settle, one of the most unspoilt market towns of the Yorkshire Dales. Music workshops will take place in Stainforth Youth Hostel. Stainforth is situated approximately two miles north of Settle. Dance workshops will take place in the Victoria Hall, Settle. The evening performances and dances will take place at the Victoria Hall, Settle.

For full program and tickets, click here.

Alternatively, for more information and to book contact:
Yorkshire Dales Workshops
Glusburn Institute, Colne Road, Glusburn BD20 8PJ
Telephone: 01535 631166

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Yorkshire Dales Workshops' Scandinavian Festival runs from 4-7 May. 

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