Record label Rune Grammofon praised by British press

Rune Grammofon is a new record label dedicated to releasing work by the most adventurous and creative Norwegian artists and composers.

18/02/2004 :: The British press writes:

A dazzling showcase of Kim Hiorthøy´s cool prismatic graphic designs, 30 artists on two CDs, essays and an interview with Rune Grammofon label boss Rune Kristoffersen: this book celebrating the Norwegian label´s first 30 releases is no run of the mill compilation but a vibrant vision, breaking out of the ice and cresting into the global aural market.
The Wire

Rune Grammofon continue the very familiar tradition of idiosyncratic boutique labels driven by a strong aesthetic (think 4AD, Factory, Warp) and thus deserve the respect of all who value creativity above commerce. Overall, it´s a fresh and frequently lovely meander along music´s more enigmatic limits.
The Observer

This is a bit of a package. It looks like a book because it is one. Or rather, the cover of this two-disc set is in the form of a small coffee-table tome, conceived to emphasise the continuity betwixt Rune Grammofon´s music and the label´s distinctive design aesthetic. While people like me tend to prefer the almost-diatonic noodling of such marvels as Alog and the great Arve Henriksen, you, like Björk, may prefer the hours of laptop drizzle.
It´s Norwegian, by the by. 4/5.
The Independent On Sunday

The compilation Money Will Ruin Everything will be released this month.

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